Faith > Fear: Where You Are Is Enough

You can be working on a few areas of your life at one time, all steadily improving.
You don’t have to wait until you’ve overcome, or fixed, or healed from everything in order to move forward and accomplish what you want in life.


Permission to Feel Discomfort

Giving myself permission to feel uncomfortable was empowering, because I am not using so much energy trying to suppress those feelings. I feel discomfort, acknowledge it, and remind myself that these feelings can be comfortable.

Faith > Fear: Self-talk and a Sound Mind

I learned to think about other things to keep my from getting more afraid. If I could distract myself from my worries and fears, I would be fine and wouldn’t feel terrified. When I was not focussing on my worries, fears, and all that could go wrong, then there was room in my mind and heart to feel confident and peaceful.

Faith > Fear: Starting the study

This year, my study about God and His gospel will focus on overcoming faith with fear. I want to learn how to better use the faith I already have. I’m doing a series of posts about it to keep myself accountable to keeping up the study.

Gay Mormon hosts Q&A

Followers asked questions from what his experience has been like, to what he wishes the mainstream Mormon (or any other Christian) understood, to how parents and friends can help their gay loved ones.

Just Believe

All we have to do is look, just believe that Christ can do it. That is the first step to healing through Jesus Christ.